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“Ape Car” Three-wheeled Vehicle - 7 Mila Miglia Lontano 2017
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“Ape Car” Three-wheeled Vehicle

10 June 2017 – 17 July 2017

Calcutta to Kannur



“An unusual travel renewing the childhood adventure”

Why make a journey of thousands of kilometres in an Ape vehicle, on three wheels, in a country where this vehicle is generally used for short distances, such as a taxi or to transport goods within the city? Why face hours and hours of bumpy roads at a speed only slightly greater than that of a bicycle? The answer is simple. To realise a dream that is hidden within us from childhood. To face the world as if it was still a charming place, where self- interests, practicalities and performance are unimportant. Where competition is only internal, with oneself. Where life is not calculus, but wonder. Where travel is not only about the destination, but a way to get lost in the journey.
Travelling with an Ape Car is a serious matter. It means we, as adults, finding the seriousness that children put into games!


Build with Us the School of Fine Arts in Southern India

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