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Public Transportation - 7 Mila Miglia Lontano 2017
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Public Transportation

9 May 2017 – 17 July 2017

Tokyo to Kannur



“An extraordinary journey using everyday travel means”

Travellers such as commuters, with precise deadlines and destinations, are usually uncompromising. No deviations, nor unexpected stops are allowed and the most appropriate means are utilised to reach the arrival destination as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It will not be the case on this journey, where yes, the arrival date and destination are precise (Kannur, Southern India on 17/07/2017), but the itinerary and transportation choices are wide- open. The route, in this case, is only a blank canvas that must be interpreted to be followed. The journey requires travel on public transportation at a pace of at least 1,500 km per week, and, therefore, allowances must be made for the unexpected when necessary and opportunities seized whenever possible. Given the extensive route through diverse countries, the public transportation used will be undoubtedly varied and interesting – a combination of both regular means and extraordinary ones. And most extraordinarily, unable to be self- sufficient in terms of transportation, the traveller will have to rely completely on local travellers for any unforeseen occurrences.


Build with Us the School of Fine Arts in Southern India

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