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Nautical Vehicles - 7 Mila Miglia Lontano 2017
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Nautical Vehicles

15 April 2017 – 17 July 2017

Manila to Kannur



“It comes from navigating the desire to return”

Many ancient myths tell of extraordinary returns, most famously the Odyssey, which tells of the return of Ulysses to Ithaca. These myths almost always contain stories of sea. Perhaps that is why sea voyage is often an emblem of return, of the desire to return and the nostalgia for a place of origin… a place that can be symbolic, as well as existential. It this not the case of Kannur and the collective adventure 7MML “return to the centre “? And, in particular, is it not exactly the case with this route entirely by sea? Moreover, to be considered, there is also the thrill of departures and landings, stops in small and large ports, the charm of sailing along more or less unknown territory, revealing new and different views of Australia, Guinea, the Philippines, Indonesia and … the entire East coast of India. Returning to the centre, navigating to a destination that is also a dream that demands to be realized, it is somehow also travelling to return home.


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